​​Biz Russian language lessons for smart professionals.


​​CSR and Sustainability

​​What if you could​ ​confidently engage with your local Russian speaking supply chain partners, consumers and peers in their language?

​​​International Development

​​What would be the ​impact of your role ​at ​the UN ​or other NGO ​if you could maintain all of your communication and do research in Russian language?

​​Artificial Intelligence

​​What if you could communicate, ​assess market intelligence, collaborate ​and negotiate with AI technology partners ​​and serve clients ​​in Russian?​

​​Career Conversations

​Do you want to practice career conversations in Russian language and get ready for a job interview? Create your own ​Future of ​Work!

​​Business and Projects

​​​Are you working on ​exciting projects with Russian speaking partners, colleagues and clients? Preparing a presentation for a conference or business meeting?

​​Professional Networking

​​Need some practice at striking meaningful and interesting conversations with your peers on LinkedIn, Twitter or in face-to-face networking events?


Russian for CSR and Sustainability pros​.

​Corporate Social Responsibility / Sustainability role is ​increasingly see​n ​​as a global strategic management function. ​Proficiency in Russian ​ offers new ​career advancement ​opportunities.


Russian for Development professionals​.

​Business, Human Rights & 17 SDGs agenda ​is gaining momentum. ​Engaging with relevant stakeholders on all Sustainable Development issues in Russian makes ​a big difference.


Russian for Business and AI/Tech ​professionals​.

​Imagine what added value ​and business ​results you ​could bring to the table ​with advanced Russian language skills. How this would impact your career opportunities?



​Nelson Mandela  

​​If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. ​If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.

​Amy Chua 

​Do you know what a foreign accent is?

It's a sign of bravery!

​Frank Smith 

​Learning a new language is becoming a member of the club - the community of speakers of that language.

Advance Your Russian Language Skills ​

​​Consistency, motivation, relevance to your ​present needs are key strategies to make meaningful progress in learning a language. ​Most of all, enjoy your Russian language learning journey ​
and ​get in touch ​if you need support, guidance and inspiration!

​​Practice Speaking Russian With a Native Speaker
Intermediate - Advanced level ​
​ Online (Zoom) & in Vienna

​Interested in highly practical ​lessons tailored to your unique needs, with a native ​speaker, who also ​gets your business and professional development goals? ​​Let me know about your interests and challenges. Get in touch today.

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